"Some nomads are at home everywhere. 
Others are at home nowhere, 
and I was one of those." 

As I floated high above the clouds, lost between time zones, these words escaped the tiny screen on the reclined seat in front of me... echoing long after my plane had landed back 'home'.

 xx Camille Javal


White Blacks Blur To Blues

The cycling of memories made knew
Iris whispers sweet clues
While the black hole strains to let
Colored light through
White blacks blur to blues
Fading the world's eye view
Diffusing the training of all
She'd held True
Her heart softly strays
Held traditions peel away
Now a grown swan she prays,
AManYou-Well... Who?

xx Camille Javal


Musings On Moving Overseas

The first 3 months will feel like FOREVER. You will cry. You will probably lose your sense of humor. You will take those Be Careful Of Your Belongings announcements on the subway too seriously. You will find yourself talking to the person next to you at Wholefoods, Union Square market, Trader Joes... ['Ah hey y'all anyonelookingforanewbestie?!']

You will romanticize your hometown as being a magical faraway land where unicorns roam free.

Skype will become your closest mate.

Every morning you'll likely find comfort in a cartoon picture of a kitten with the words 'Everything is going to be OK'.

xx Camille Javal


Murals, Prisms and NYC DIY

My NYC bedroom is about the size of my laundry room back home in OzLand so I've had to get creative with the choice of paint and furnishings to turn the pint sized little den into... a perceived slightly above average pint sized little den.
I've also been itching to see my artwork wall sized and so the Itty-bitty-room + Lack of art studio and my Regular paint supplies + Itchy feeling (...in my stomach) to paint on walls = The Adventures Of Camille's First Mural! 
I wanted the mural to feel connected with the light streaming through the window so that it'd help the room feel light and dreamy and full of space. When I'd finished (determined by the fact that one night sleeping on the couch was enough!) I discovered I'd painted something that looked prism-esque with dispersion of light and pretty rainbow colors :)
It's pretty magic waking up to this wall in the morning.

PS The stunning magenta flame haired lass in the pictures is graphic designer Kristin Pasating, as soon as I laid eyes on her hair I knew she was The perfect fit for my rainbow prism dreamworld.

xx Camille Javal


NYC People's Climate March

And The Best Sign Award goes to...!
xx Camille Javal


(2014) - Camille Javal

xx Camille Javal


Michaela Jayde

Poster artwork by Camille Javal (original photo image by Beata Mazur)

It's been a while since my last post... between then and now I uprooted myself back to NYC, survived The New York Polar Vortex Of 2014, visited my old hoods and found new ones, rediscovered my first love Wholefoods, fell under salsa dancing's spell... Annnnd that about updates you :p

I also found some time recently to get a little right brained and create this poster for Michaela Jayde's upcoming gig at the Paris Cat Jazz Club in Melbourne on August 30. I'm still waiting to hear about getting a ride back to Oz unicorn style, so short of that I won't be able to hear Michaela's stunning voice in person. If you're already in Melbourne though you should defo pop along for an incredible jazzy soulful set!  

xx Camille Javal

Facebook banner by Camille Javal 


Nothing Says Farewell Like Cake

"I believe that courage is all too often mistakenly seen as the absence of fear.  If you descend by rope from a cliff and are not fearful to some degree, you are either crazy or unaware.  Courage is seeing your fear, in a realistic perspective, defining it, considering alternatives and choosing to function in spite of risks." - Leonard Zunin

Feeling fearful? Check!
Functioning in spite of risk? Check!
Well I guess you can call me stupid terrified courageous then!

I am currently attempting to pack up my life and take it with me back 'home' to NYC... As I suffer from  Can'tpacklight-itis and Le Procrastination This Ain't Easy!  To cull or not to cull that is the question?

I know... perfect time for a cake break!  You will, if you are perceptive, have noticed that I have attempted to reconstruct the American flag into a hopeful stars and stripes themed rainbow cake bunting... (because these are the kinds of things you do when you suffer from Le Procrastination).  The flavour of the cake is an inspired Reese's Peanut Butter Cup - chocolate mud cake with peanut butter ganache (OMG) - because that's how the American's roll y'all.

[Four giant suitcases, an obnoxiously heavy piece of hand luggage and a backpack later...]

xx Camille Javal


Smart Fierce + Funny ...erm what she said!

Traversing the internet, as you do, I suddenly found myself face to face with... my face!!?

It seems I am the 'poster girl' for BUST magazine's about page, representing Smart Fierce Funny Women.

Fingers crossed that I don't later stumble upon a photo of my face representing Below Average Intelligence, Timid Tragic Women also!

#whenlifemakesyousmile #thethingsyoustumbleupon!

xx Camille Javal


Listening To The Birds

[Anna McGahan with Gilbert]

"I say, Pooh why aren't you busy?" I said.
"Because it's a nice day," said Pooh.
"Yes, but -"
"Why ruin it?" he said.
"But you could be doing something Important," I said.
"I am," said Pooh.
"Oh?  Doing what?"
"Listening," he said.
"Listening to what?"
"To the birds.  And that squirrel over there."
"What are they saying?" I asked.
"That it's a nice day," said Pooh.
"But you know that already," I said.
"Yes, but it's always good to hear that somebody else thinks so, too," he replied.
"Well, you could be spending your time getting Educated by listening to the Radio, instead," I said.
"That thing?"
"Certainly.  How else will you know what's going on in the world?" I said.
"By going outside," said Pooh.
"Er... well..." (Click.) "Now just listen to this, Pooh."
"Thirty thousand people were killed today when five jumbo airliners collided over downtown Los Angeles..." the Radio announced.
"What does that tell you about the world?" asked Pooh.
"Hmm.  You're right." (Click.)
"What are the birds saying now?" I asked.
"That it's a nice day," said Pooh.

xx Camille Javal


A World Beyond The Desert

A World Beyond The Desert (2013) - Camille Javal 

"Miraculous thinking does not represent a state of denial, at least not in the traditional sense.  It doesn't represent the magical thinking of simply looking away from something horrible and pretending it doesn't exist.  If anything, it is a state of positive denial: looking at something and knowing that since only love is ultimately real, nothing else has ultimate effect.  
The miracle-worker does not look away from the illusions of the mortal world but rather looks through them, thus invoking a world that lies beyond... It's about realizing that illusions - no matter how entrenched they might be within the three-dimensional world - cannot stand in the presence of love." 
- The Law of Divine Compensation by Marianne Williamson 

Just as I finished my neon desert landscape I opened The Law of Divine Compensation and came across this quote.  Yes! It resonated as tying in perfectly with what I was exploring through paint and colour... the idea that on the surface we're confronted with a desert of circumstances, but beyond is a world of infinite possibilities and miracles and colour and wondermagic. 

xx Camille Javal



I love that the Hebrew word Shalom means so much more than just peace, hello or goodbye...
♥ The Strong's Concordance describes Shalom (7965) as: completeness, wholeness, health, peace, welfare, safety, soundness, tranquility, prosperity, perfectness, fullness, rest, harmony and the absence of agitation or discord 

Here's to our lives being more perfectly complete, safe and full :)

xx Camille Javal



xx Camille Javal


A Story Of An Actress & Neon Paint

Anna McGahan is starring as the lead in a new short film called, The Canvas.

[Maybe this is a lie.  Maybe she's starring in an Aussie drama instead...]

Either way, we had a Sigur Ros painting party and then this, (see fluoro flamed haired painting above) happened.

{On an aesthetic note... fluoro/fluro/neon, whichever you prefer, does NOT like to be photographed. Pfft!  So you'll have to mentally insert awesome fluoro radness into these photos.}

xx Camille Javal

Paint In Progress

xx Camille Javal


The Blanket Truth

Albert: Everything is the same even if it's different.
Bernard: Exactly. But our everyday mind forgets this. We think everything is separate. Limited. I'm over here. You're over there. Which is true. But it's not the whole truth because we're all connected...
Albert: Sure. Sure. Sure. Sure.
Bernard: Okay?
Albert: Yeah.
Bernard: All right, now, we need to learn... how to see the blanket truth all the time. Right in the everyday stuff. And that's what this is for.
Albert: Why?
Bernard: Why what?
Albert: Why do I need to learn how to see the blanket thing all the time in the everyday stuff?
Bernard: You wouldn't want to miss out on the big picture, would you?
Albert: Uh-uh.
Bernard: That's partly why you're here, right? And this is it. I'm talking about it right now. It will take a while for you to get it, you know? But... it will help you.
Albert: How?
Bernard: When you get the blanket thing you can relax... because everything you could ever want or be, you already have and are. That sound pretty good?
Albert: That sounds very good.

Camille: That sounds very good. 

xx Camille Javal


The Island

The Island (2013) - Camille Javal 

On The Island it rains glitter
People greet each other with a kiss on the shoulder
When you look through the water you can see through it to another galaxy
Unicorns roam free
And yet there are still so many strange and wondrous things to be discovered on The Island

I'm heading there on the weekend... who wants to join me?!

Here's to painting our colourful dreams into being 

xx Camille Javal


Unicorn Sunrise

My gorgeous unicorn bestie wrote me the best advice the other day:

"I truly believe that you should never lose faith and hope, and you should NEVER abandon a dream - unless it's for a more amazing one." - Adaeze


xx Camille Javal


You Are Great!

Hey YOU! (2013) - Camille Javal 
★ She: "I always choose rainbow flavoured ice cream or vanilla."
★ Moi: "So... in other words, it's either all colours or none?!"
★ She: "Ha Yes!  Exactly."
(Endlessly entertaining conversation on set between extras, i.e. 'warm props')

This print is an ode to all things rainbow!

It was also inspired by the tendency for us to look in the mirror and downplay our awesomeness... thankfully the dog in this fluoro print series does not have this problem!   

P.S You.Are.Great!

xx Camille Javal


Jumping Without Parachutes

Living with no back-up plans and parachutes...

This last word suspended
The prelude has ended
All beautiful you are - Selah

xx Camille Javal

Morning And Night Sky Jewelry

 Lords Of The Wild (2013) - Camille Javal

We shall not cease from exploration...
 King Of Hearts (2013) - Camille Javal

...and the end of all our exploring...
Night Sky Jewelry (2013) - Camille Javal

...will be to arrive where we started...

I just finished this series of pastel children's prints inspired by my close girlfriend's upcoming birthing of a baby !! Considering she is probably the #1 fan of my artwork - next to me mum ♥ - and has always been crazy ridiculously encouraging of it (which includes insisting on giving people tours of my home-but-sort-of-evolving-personal-gallery), I thought I'd make something inspiring for her to stick on the little cuties' walls!
Because he's a miracle baby I wanted the artwork to inspire him, tickle his imagination, and be full of shapes and rainbows and moons and clouds and horses and... well okey maybe those were more for me :)  

And for the little boy about to begin his Adventure Into The Playground Earth, the final reflective words of T.S. Eliot:

...and know the place for the first time. 
xx Camille Javal


Dream Walking

Conversation between myself and a friend at work:

♥ Friend: Are you a pisces?
 Moi: Yes...
♥ Friend: I thought so.
♥ Moi: How come?
♥ Friend: I could tell from the way you dreamily walk around.
♥ Moi: (haha) Really?!
♥ Friend: Yeah... some of them are hard to keep in this dimension!

Or perhaps it was the unicorn onesie that gave him that impression... :) 

xx Camille Javal


To Do Or Not To Do That Is The Question...

STOP! ok...

I came across this profound tip for How To Grow Your (Etsy) Shop Without Losing Your Mind:

"What if the key to growing your business was removing things from your to-do list instead of constantly adding to it?"

The words jumped ka-powy style off the page at me - yes! SO true! I'm totes going to put that on my to do list:

- Must cull things from to do list.

xx Camille Javal


The Story Of My Life

What do you do?
Ah, it's kind of hard to explain.
Because what you do is complicated?
Ah... because I don't... really... do it.

xx Camille Javal


Deceived By Miss Lil' Riding's Hood

How was she to know The True?
Seeing life through rose hued eyes
Until April 1st a day for fools
And a thief prophesying lies

xx Camille Javal


Fluttering Wandering Longing

We were fluttering, wandering, longing creatures 

a thousand thousand years before the sea and the wind in the forest 

gave us words.

- Kahlil Gibran

xx Camille Javal


Google If Only You Knew Me Better

I often get tempted to google, "Who does Camille Javal marry?!" but then I remember that -

the internet doesn't know everything about me and can't tell me my future!


xx Camille Javal


Moon Tan Inspired Paleness

★ Anna McGahan 
Space Nerd
Mother to Gilbert (...the baby bird) :)
All Round Super Rad Chick

xx Camille Javal


The Smiley Side of Life

Post Chocolate Happy + 
Jumping on Hotel Beds + 
Smiley Face Balloons + 
Sisters + 
Dancing High! 

Please Note: If possible, and for maximum enjoyment, jumping on beds should be accompanied by Imagine Dragons, On Top Of The World!

xx Camille Javal


The Things You Stumble Across While Lost In The Desert

Let me set the scene for you... I was stumbling through the desert with some girlfriends during my obligatory Spring Break in Mexico (note to self - flip flops are not appropriate desert dwelling footwear as prickles make mincemeat of rubber soles!), when all of a sudden:

Cactus for sale anyone?!

SOLD! You read my mind...


xx Camille Javal


Facing The Sun

You see but your shadow 
when you turn your back to the 

★ sun. 

- Kahlil Gibran

xx Camille Javal


Seriously Non Serious

"...Of course we mustn't take ourselves too seriously.  What we try and do is be non-serious about things but we are very serious about being not serious!" 
- John Lennon
These Parisian children know how to be seriously non serious about things :)  It was the most soul satisfying moment watching them playing with the small rented boats at the Jardin du Luxembourg.  I was overwhelmed by the whimsical cuteness of the scene, Paris could you live up to my daydreams and be any more darling?! 

xx Camille Javal
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