The Language of Hurry

I've noticed that whenever I travel the first few weeks feel like forever.  Life back home becomes hazy as I'm absorbed in the new culture and sounds and smells and colors and clouds.  However after a few weeks the trip inevitably starts to fly by.............where before a day seemed to stretch ahead with open arms it now zoomsby&itslunchtimejustafterbreakfast and then the suns setting and the day starts over.

I'm suspicious that the secret key that activated the change in the first place was in the art of noticing details.  Perhaps time slowed and days lost their hurry because the details connected me to the present by using all my senses?  

I wonder then if there is a principle in this that we can adopt if we want our lives to be less busy and for our days to notflyby?  

It's hard to unlearn the language of hurry, as we are fluent in it by the time we put our childishness and playfulness down in pursuit of adulthood.  As children we instinctively got absorbed in details but soon learnt to hurry past the butterflies and the shadows left by stones.  Now as adults we chase the intoxicating mirage of tomorrow and the end of the to-do list.

Making a conscious effort to pay attention to the people, streets, shadows, sunlight, birds, smells etc., no matter how familiar or how how many times we've walked a street before, might connect us to the day.  And then mayyybe life will slow down and we can experience everything it has to offer     ♥ ♥??

xx Camille Javal


BeBe said...

I stumbled upon your blog a long time ago and bookmarked it. I periodically just look through all the pretty pictures for inspiration : ) but I really Loved this post, especially: "soon learnt to hurry past the butterflies and the shadows left by stones." So very true and a good reminder to slow down and notice the little things again. Thanks. I think you're awesome. Keep it up doll : )

Camille Javal said...

Thanks BeBe!! Your comment made my night :) Despite having this realisation it doesn't make actually slowing down and noticing the details any easier haha... I guess it's a good excuse for me to keep traveling! :p
ps You're awesome

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