Fluttering Wandering Longing

We were fluttering, wandering, longing creatures 

a thousand thousand years before the sea and the wind in the forest 

gave us words.

- Kahlil Gibran

xx Camille Javal


Hereiti said...

You have such a great blog..every time I check it out, it fills my heart with hope. Is that strange to say? Your posts are just so full of color and life that I can't help but feel optimistic. And more importantly, it drives me to create.

Keep up the good work :)

Camille Javal said...

Hereiti that's not strange to say!! It's so nice to hear someone verbalise and describe my blog using the types of words that I hope to paint my life with! (my blog being one part of that)
I'm so in love with the creative arts and how it can fill people with hope, optimism and the desire to create. I love encouraging people to participate in the global painting that is Creation :)

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